August 23rd Journey to Self: Staying Positive in a Negative World

This was a FABULOUS show. Business Catalyst Jenn Givler from JGivler Coaching joined me today to talk about how to stay positive in our too often negative world!

We have to come to the awareness of the infinite pairing of opposites keeping the universe going – birth and death, joy and sorrow, celebration and tragedy, and the list goes on. During our lifetime we will see tragedy, we will know sorrow, we will feel regret; it is not a question that negative things will come into our lives. The key is our ability to deal and rebound from the negativity going on in our lives, and in the world around us.

We do not have to let the disheartening news from the world shade our perceptions. When we focus on the positive, we can help ourselves from falling into the darkness. Be grateful for the all the positives in your life. Hold tight to what you are grateful for because it will help you get through the doom and gloom the world portrays.

(exert from Journey to Self Column, go here to read the full story)

Here is some tips on how to bring positivity into your life:

  • Practice gratitude! Keep a Gratitude Journal and refer to the blessings in your life when you feel yourself getting sucked into a negative place.
  • Make the choice to start your day off positively with journaling or affirmations. Set the intention to make it a wonderful day first thing when you wake up.
  • Surround yourself with positive people! Let their positive outlook and energy infect you!
  • Use visualization to have as Jenn mentioned “Crystal Clear Vision”.
  • LAUGH!!! No, situation looks that bad when you are laughing.
  • Seek out positive and inspirational news.

Remember you can e-mail me with comments or questions and will chose some to be read on the show.

Links from the show:
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JGivler Coaching
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Inspiration Story on You Tube
Jerry and Ester Hicks on Hay House Radio – The Letting It In Mode

Until next time, enjoy the journey to self and everything in between.


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