September 13th Journey to Self: Connecting with your Inner Self

Ambassador of Abundance, Carrie Gebbie and Business Support Specialist, On-line Promotion Maven, and owner of Key Business Partners Teresa Morrow joined me as we talked about connecting with your inner self.

When is the last time you where in touch with the real you?

I am not talking about the mother in you, not the businessperson, not the wife or daughter, but the core of who you are. I am talking about the real you, your essence, your soul, your total being.

In this modern age, women have set out to have it all, making “multi-tasking” the latest art form. However, approach that have been adapted, women are forgetting the nurturing that is needed for personal definement and growth.

Each of us are unique individuals, each brings something to this world that no one else can. However, our uniqueness and gifts to the world go untapped as we let the busyness of life takes over, allowing ourselves to be torn between our responsibly to others and the inherit responsibility that we have to foster our own self.

When was the last time you invested in who you are or who you want to be?

Carrie guided us all through a wonderful Guided Imagery Exercise that can be an important tool to connecting with your inner self.

Tips to connecting with your Inner Self:

  • Create a loving and nurturing relationship with yourself
  • Trust yourself, your instincts, and intuition.
  • Use mediations, quiet reflection, visualization, guided imagery to connect with yourself.
  • Have a conversation with your self often, become a cheerleader for yourself.
  • Seek out support (either professional or a support group, friends, family) to help you with this journey. You multiply your chances of success by having accountability, a source of inspiration/motivation/empowerment, and the simple exchange of ideas.
  • Let mistakes in your life be lessons, offering a chance to grow and improve yourself.

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Link of Interest:
Master Attraction Program – a free e-course in connecting with yourself and attracting the life you want, offered by Carrie Gebbie. I highly recommend this program it is 100% free and an excellent tool in moving your life in the direction you want it to go in and attracting what you dream about!

Next week on Journey to Self:
I will be talking with author and coach Jeanie Marshall about Empowerment.

Until next time, enjoy the journey to self and everything in between.


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