October 18th Journey to Self: Organize your life

This was a great show.  My guest, organizing expert and author Christine Rice, shared her expertise with us about how to bring more organization in to our lives.

“Many people believe that they have to be born with some inherent super-power to be better organized in their daily lives. This book sets out to prove not only the invalidity of this thinking, but to break down the “secret” elements that many organized people possess so that they can be taught in easy to learn, step-by-step methods. 

A Life Less Cluttered: Expert Secrets to Your Own Organizing Epiphany takes organization to the next level, focusing on the characteristics necessary to getting and staying organized.” ~ from the introduction of A Life Less Cluttered.

Christine’s tips to getting started:

  • Let go of labels that you put on yourself like “slob” or “lazy” how  you talk to yourself if very important to falling into the right mind-set to start organizing  your life.
  • Remember if you believe that you will never get organized then it will be your reality.
  • Figure out what “clutter catcher” catergory you are (saver, giver, shopper, and/or collector)
  • Get your family involved, if you take lead it might be easier than you think
  • Remember that not all organizing systems work for everyone, don’t give up if one doesn’t work.
  • Use Christine’s SOS method (Sort, Omit, and Store) to make the organizing process smoother
  • DON’T GIVE UP! If you truely want more organization in your life then keep trying until you find organization that fits you and your family.

Links mentioned on the Show:
Life By Design
Organize it Today
Christine’s Blog

If you wish to speak to Christine you do so via e-mail.

Tune in next week when Rebecca White from Heal Yourself Talk Radio will be joining me. 

Until next time, enjoy the journey to self and everything in between.


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