Tapping into your greatness!

What is it that makes great people great?  What sets apart people that are living their dreams and those that are still dreaming?

Join me Thursday Nov. 1st on Journey to Self as my guest Bennie Randall, aka The Motivator and I discuss how to tap into your greatness and realize your power. 

Everytime I think about this upcoming show get goosebumps,  this is going to be one powerful hour!!

You can listen to the show LIVE at Blog Talk Radio

If you don’t have the opportunity to listen to the show live, it will be available on archive at on: this siteBlog Talk RadioLife By Design Site or via RSS Feed   


Bennie Randall Jr is the CEO of BSHANI MEDIA GROUP in New York City, which consists of a Music, Film, Radio, and Media Publishing companies. Bennie came to new york in april of 1994 with only $500 dollars and a dream of making it big in the entertainment industry. At sixteen years of age, Bennie had already toured around the world with many well known recording artists, but after his little sister was murdered his entire mindset of life changed. He started to search for what his true purpose was in life. Bennie found that he got great joy in helping others to find the great power we all have inside of us, that’s when The Motivator was born. Now the best selling author of “The Motivation Factor” Bennie has set out on a mission to inspire and motivate as many people as possible before he leaves this physical world. He is currently working on a new books, cd’s, and dvd’s to be released in 2007. Bennie say’s “It’s my humble wish to serve as many people as possible in my life time”

This will be a show you won’t want to miss!!  You can participate in the show through the show’s chat or call in with your question or comment.


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