Are you living a “Super” Persona?

We all know SuperMom faster than the microwave, more powerful than steel wool, able to fold laundry in a single bound. SuperMoms scare away the monsters under the bed, creates wonderful family meals, as she works, runs a business, or fosters a career either outside or inside the home.

And it is not just mothers that fall into this Super identity, leaving us to ponder the question how do we shed this projected persona and start living an authentic life.

This week on Journey to Self, Author and Speaker Peggy Collins will be joining me and we will be talking about the SuperMom/SuperWoman Persona.

Peggy Collins is a professional speaker, trainer and author. Her book Help Is Not a Four-Letter Word: Why Doing It All Is Doing You In published by McGraw Hill is the focus of her speaking these days.

Peggy’s long successful career was in sales where she became Senior Vice President of a bank holding company. She became a professional speaker in 1987 and has spoken to groups such as JC Penney, Mobil Oil, The Girl Scouts, International Association of Administrative Professionals and many, many more.

Peggy understands the SuperMom because she’s been one, juggling the career, two growing kids, a husband and aging parents. She thought she had it all together, but…..well, that’s another story.

Tune in live  Thursday November 8th 10 am pst/ 11am mnt/ 12pm cst/ 1pm est and join us as we talk about the SuperMom/SuperWoman Persona and how you can shed it and live as the real you!

Join the chat room during the show to talk with other listeners and ask questions or call in and chat with me and Peggy.

(347) 215-8942

If you can not listen to the show live, never fear you can listen to it on archive (Just click on the archive shows tab)


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