November 8th Journey to Self: Living the “Super” Persona

“As a practical matter, would you ever entertain the idea of trying to fly? Why not? Young mothers are attempting everything else these days-why not flying? You haven’t made the grade if you can’t juggle work, home, children, a husband, outside activities and friends and look like you just stepped out of a magazine ad. What’s up with that? 

Our society has put huge expectations on females with offspring and as a result we’ve concocted this marathon we’re calling life.  It’s nothing but a foot race to burnout and serious other physical, mental and emotional problems. Let’s give it a rest!” 

~Excerpt from Super Moms Can’t Fly by Peggy Collins

Some Highlights from the Show:

  • Know your three top core value and then examine everything that you are doing, asking if each is fitting in with your core values.
  • MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF – set time aside for you to pursue your own interest outside of family and work.
  • Let go of other’s ideas of what being a mother is suppose to be, live by your own values and let go of everyone else’s expectations.
  • In ordered to shed the “Super” persona, set boundaries and be firm – it may be an adjustment for others in your life, but eventually they will come on board.
  • Make sure that you make time to connect with your inner self
  • Release guilt – feeling guilty is self-induced, you have control over it.

 We also discussed psychologist T. Higgins ideas of Actual self, Ought self, and Ideal self. Actual self is how you are now, ought self is what you perceive as other’s expectations of what you “ought” to do, and ideal self is the ideal version of yourself.

Peggy introduced a wonderful exercice, dealing with your core values and your “ought self”: Write down your core values at the top and then write down what your “oughts” and compare.  Does your ought self coincide with your values?

I talked about the “I am” exercise, you can find the direction to this here.

Links mentioned on the Show:
Life By Design
Mom’s Coffee Break

Peggy’s Link:

Peggy also offers free help tips, just go to her site enter your name and e-mail

Other links from the show:

Listen to this show

Until next time, enjoy the journey to self and everything in between.


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