November 29th Jounery to Self: Stop the debt in your life

It is so easy to get into debt. The trend in live styles almost require it and along with that debt comes stress which can lead to other emotional and physical problems. Today’s Journey to Self welcomed Dr. Taffy Wagner on the show.

Dr. Taffy Wagner is the co-founder of Journey to Wholeness, which is an organization that mentors couples, individuals, business owners and organizations develop a plan for financial success, educate them on communication strategies and steps for beginning a business financially. She and her husband are members of the American Association of Christian Counselors. They provide one-on-one peer mentoring as well as group mentoring. Dr. Wagner is also a personal finances speaker and counselor. She recently developed “Stair Step Method”, “The Debt Stops Here” and The Debt Stops At The Altar” financial courses and packages.

Dr. Wagner believes in helping people reach their goal of financial harmony and no longer live in financial stress. Dr. Wagner has a Doctorate of Ministry in Biblical Counseling, Master’s of Science in Human Resources Management and several other degrees. She is also a military veteran. Having a diverse background gives her the opportunity to share from different aspects.

Highlights from the show:

  • Money Problems can lead to issues within couples, make sure that you use open communication. Dr. Taffy offers a The Debt Stops At The Altar package includes 5 one hour audio teachings, books: Debt Dilemma and Homebuyer’s Helper, Scroll outlining Debt Stops At The Altar, Credit Report Review and 6 months of email coaching. Perfect gift for the engaged couple, newlywed or soon to be married.
  • Stop trying to keep up with others, material things does not bring happiness!
  • Be a smart consumer! Shop around for insurance, utilities, etc. Cutting your bill by $20 a month is a savings of $240 for the whole year.
  • Avoid using credit cards, you wrack up debt not only on what you purchase, but finance charges and interest on top of that.

Links mentioned on the Show:
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Dr. Taffy’s Link:
Journey to Wholeness

To buy Debt Dilemma
To buy Homebuyer’s Helper

Other products and services from Dr. Taffy

Listen to this show

Until next time, enjoy the journey to self and everything in between.


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