December 13th Journey to Self: Dealing with Holiday Stress

What a wonderful show with Pam Sargant! We talked about how to rid yourself of holiday stress by getting back to the basics.

How to eliminate holiday stress:

  • Spend time making homemade decorations with your children. There are great ideas in Pam’s e-Book Christmas Survival Kit
  • Get rid of what you dread and make new holiday traditions
  • Draw names and set a spending limit
  • Make and give homemade presents, your time is hardest to give. A homemade gift shows that you care!
  • Cut down on holiday travel if possible. Our family rotates where we go for the holidays so we have time to enjoy the holidays.
  • Focus on what is important

JTS Links:
Life By Design
Journey to Self on Blog Talk Radio

Pam’s Link:
Delaney Imaging

Christmas Survival Kit
Mother’s Survival Kit
The Puddle People

Links mentioned during the show:
Amaco self hardening clay
Elf Yourself

Don’t forget to sign up to attend Kim and Jenn’s FABULOUS Manifesting Magnetic Money Party on December 19th!! Registration ends on December 14th! Come join the fun, participate in the secret angel exchange, and learn wonderful tools for prosperity!

Sign up at the Prosperity Mind Set Website

Listen to this show

Until next time, enjoy the journey to self and everything in between.


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