December 20th Journey to Self: Putting Together a Business Proposal

On today’s show my guest Carrie from CL Consulting Services, discussed putting together a business proposal, in addition to other great business advice that Carrie offered.

Carrie has been working in the administrative and customer service fields for the past 20 years. For the past 5 years she has provided business plan writing assistance, marketing strategy coaching to small start up businesses, and marketing/promotions management to authors, and online publishing houses. She has won awards and professional recognition for her customer service, and has been asked to help facilitate customer service training. After providing impromptu coaching services for business professionals on how to prepare responses to RFP’s she wrote “Proposing With Class”

Some highlights from the show:

  • Network with a mix of groups not just those within your niche or target market.
  • Word of mouth can be very valuable, ask for referrals.
  • In your business identify your mission and vision and stick with it.
  • When joining a group or organization, ask yourself what can you contribute to the group, not what can you get from it. Your results will be more fruitful.
  • Be proactive, not reactionary.
  • Have a good elevator speech.
  • FOLLOW UP until you get a “no”.

JTS Links:
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Carrie’s Links:
CL Consulting and Administrative Services
Carrie’s Book: Proposing with Class

Link mentioned during the show:
Small Business Administration
SCORE program

Listen to this show

Until next time, enjoy the journey to self and everything in between.


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