January 31st Journey to Self: Listening to your Inner Voice

This was such a fabulous show. I again want to thank Rebecca White for joining me. We talked about why we ignore our intuition, why we should trust our inner voice, and ways to start listening to ourselves more.

Rebecca White, gifted intuitive, offers insightful readings with Angel Healing Cards, Goddess Cards, Ascended Master Cards and The Healing Runes as a mode of assisting others in their deeper spiritual understanding.

Rebecca has been a student of the Laws of Attraction and finding ways to heal yourself through your mind, body and spirit. It is her passion to help others in their own spiritual search and to show others how to trust their intuitive feelings when it comes to decision making.

Highlights from the show:

  • Through conditioning we have lost touch with the guidance that our intuition
  • By taking care of ourselves and practicing good self-care we can start to learn to trust our inner voice.
  • Meditation is a good way to really listen to our intuition
  • We can help our children trust themselves by not dismissing their creativity, imagination, fears, or ideas.

There are too many highlights to list, this is really a must listen to show!!

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JTS Links:
Life By Design
Journey to Self on Blog Talk Radio

Rebecca’s Link:

Heal Yourself Talk Radio
Healthy Living Radio and TV
Health Podcasting Directory
Intuitive Card Readings

Listen to this show

Until next time, enjoy the journey to self and everything in between.


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