February 7th Journey to Self: Keeping the Passion Fires Burning

It was an exciting show today, or as my guest Katherine Reschke would say, “It was FANTABULOUS”

Today Katherine and I talked about how to stay passionate about our passions.

  • Sometimes you need to re-evaluate your passion, let it evolve or check in with your “Why” this is a normal part of the process, don’t get discouraged
  • Networking groups can open doors that you never thought of, remember to open up and allow.
  • Ways to keep yourself motivated:
    • outsource the tasks you dislike
    • use a vision board – you can create your own at www.catalogofdreams.com
    • use visualization to see your outcomes
    • get the support you need through friends, teachers, mentors, coaches, or a mastermind group. STAY WAY FROM DREAMKILLERS!!
  • Practice good self-care, it makes a difference between success and struggling!!

Join Katherine and I Friday at 11am cst as we talk more about how a strong foundation is needed to follow your passion on Katherine’s brand new Blog Talk Radio Show, The Passion Project.

    Don’t forget to download Blog Talk Radio’s new toolbar! Listen to your favorite shows right from your toolbar!

    JTS Links:
    Life By Design
    Journey to Self on Blog Talk Radio

    Katherine’s Link:
    Passions that Pay
    The Passion Project Skype Room

    Other Links mentioned:
    Business Networking and Relationship Building Skype Room

    Listen to this show

    Until next time, enjoy the journey to self and everything in between.


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