March 6th Journey to Self: Healing and Forgiveness

Today’s guest Deborah Akbar was such an inspiration. She has lifted herself up and overcome major obstacles and she is determined to keep going. She spoke today about the challenges of being differently-abled, learning how to forgive, and how she began healing herself.

Highlights from the show:

  • After her accident Deborah put herself through college, met her current husband, had another child, and entered the Miss Wheelchair American pageant.
  • Deborah spoke on the importance of listening to your own body and finding health care professionals that you fill can meet your needs.
  • Forgiveness is an important step in healing from the past, not only forgiving others but forgiving yourself.
  • Letting go of the past and allowing the positive in your life is crucial for healing to begin

Deborah will be traveling to Miami, Florida this week to receive a treatment that has a 98% success rate of giving her back some functioning in her limbs and even the ability to walk again. She will be coming back to the show to give us an update on the treatment and her progress.

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Website for Brucker’s Biofeedback treatment

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Next week I will be joined by Marcy Neumann of Heartlites Inc.

Until next time, enjoy the journey to self and everything in between.


February 21st Journey to Self: Parenthood and Working at Home

Sandra Weber, host of Work at Home Family Talk Radio, and I talked today about Parenthood and working at home. Sandra, mother of 7 has been working from home on and off for the last 10 years and she had lots to say about the challenges and rewards of combining parenthood and working at home.

Tips from the show about working at home with children:

  • Be flexible! Remember that is why you wanted to work at home, so you would have more control over your schedule. Going with the flow is better than struggling upstream.
  • Find a schedule that works for you. Don’t feel that you have to have a 9-5 schedule, find what really works well for you, your family, and your business…it may be unconventional and that is ok.
  • Include your family. Try to include your family in your business. It will help the understand what you do and also reinforce that your business is important to your family. For younger children let them know that playing quietly during a conference call or watching a video while you work with a client is their part in helping you.
  • Have set work hours. While it is important to have flexibility and a schedule that works for everyone, it is equally important that you have a time in the day where you are done with work. It is common to have an increase in working hours because it is more accessible, it is important to keep balanced to make working at home work.

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Until next time, enjoy the journey to self and everything in between.

Combining parenthood with working at home.

There has been an evolution of individuals choosing to work at home, to be able to be with their children while making income and having their own careers. It isn’t always easy and there is still much that needs to be balanced, but it is a reality for thousands of men and women that have embraced the entrepreneur spirit in order to take control of their own careers and to have the control over their time to find the balance of rewarding careers with a fulfilled family life.

What are some of the tricks to working at home?

How do you find balance among chaos?

Tune into Journey to Self ~ Thursday February 21st at 12pm cst / 1pm est as my guest Sandra Weber from Work at Home Family Talk Radio as we talk about Parenthood and Working at Home.

The show notes and link to the archive show will be available on here if you can not listen to the show live.

February 7th Journey to Self: Keeping the Passion Fires Burning

It was an exciting show today, or as my guest Katherine Reschke would say, “It was FANTABULOUS”

Today Katherine and I talked about how to stay passionate about our passions.

  • Sometimes you need to re-evaluate your passion, let it evolve or check in with your “Why” this is a normal part of the process, don’t get discouraged
  • Networking groups can open doors that you never thought of, remember to open up and allow.
  • Ways to keep yourself motivated:
    • outsource the tasks you dislike
    • use a vision board – you can create your own at
    • use visualization to see your outcomes
    • get the support you need through friends, teachers, mentors, coaches, or a mastermind group. STAY WAY FROM DREAMKILLERS!!
  • Practice good self-care, it makes a difference between success and struggling!!

Join Katherine and I Friday at 11am cst as we talk more about how a strong foundation is needed to follow your passion on Katherine’s brand new Blog Talk Radio Show, The Passion Project.

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    Until next time, enjoy the journey to self and everything in between.

    Passion on Journey to Self and Tonya on The Passion Project

    Do you know what your passion is and yet feel stuck?

    Maybe you feel unmotivated or like you ran out of steam.

    This Thursday we have a great show on Journey to Self. Passion Coach, Katherine Reschke will be my guest and we will be talking about how to keep your passion fires burning.

    Join us live at 12pm cst / 1pm est at
    The shows call in number is (347) 215-8942 and we would love to hear from you!

    On Friday, I am very honored to join Katherine for her first show of The Passion Project at 11am cst / 12pm est. We will be talking about self-esteem and the importance of a solid foundation to build your passions upon. The Passion Project call in number is (347) 215-8725.

    Your foundation of self is what you build everything in your life upon, including what you are passionate about. Tune in Thursday and Friday as we talk passionately about passion and self-esteem!

    Listening to Your Intuition

    We all have that little voice inside us, the one that is suppose to keep us out of trouble and lead us to where we need to be. Problem is that we do not always listen to our inner voice, or trust our instincts.

    Why do we turn right when our intuition says turn left?

    Rebecca White will be joining me on Journey to Self, Thursday January 31 at 12pm cst / 1pm est. We will be talking about ways to allow your intuition to guide you.

    Join us live at

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    January 24th Journey to Self: Getting Out of Limbo

    Today on Journey to Self I talked with author Diane Tegarden, author of “Getting Out Of Limbo– A Self Help Divorce Book For Women,” which provides step by step instructions on how to achieve financial and emotional independence after a divorce. Her newest book, a new poetry e-book, “Light Through Shuttered Window” was released right before Christmas.

    Diane formed FireWalker Publications Inc. in 2004 to promote her passionate, original written works, materials, ideas and creations.

    Today Diane shared some tips to assist women that are contemplating or are going through a divorce.

    • Know the divorce laws in your state! Each state varies in how to file and the grounds in which to file.
    • Know your finances, in many states both spouses are responsible for debts incurred during the marriage. Also, know your assets and list them.
    • Don’t forget to seek out emotional and legal advice during the process.
    • Don’t give up on finding another relationship. It doesn’t mean that you have to rush into something that you might not be ready for, instead know that having a healthy relationship after your divorce is not only possible, but had been the case for many for people of divorce. Take your time and learn from previous relationship mistakes to avoid making them again.

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    Until next time, enjoy the journey to self and everything in between.